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by Allyx

Accurate answers. No pretense.
Find your life purpose, gain insight into solving health, career and relationship issues. 

Understand others better, release creative, emotional, physical blocks and move forward!

Everyone has psychic abilities. Besides counseling, my aim is to share what I've learned, help others access their own intuitive and psychic potential.

Over twenty years experience

Soul Energy Readings, Past Life Readings

I discern deep underlying energy patterns beneath the surface personality level. I see SPECIFIC past, present and future aspects of your life, how they relate to and shape your present circumstances. 

Clairaudient, Clairvoyent Medium

Communicate with spirit guides, those who have passed on. I've been able to contact METATRON, who's sometimes called "The King of the Archangels."

Numerology - As the Soul Slumbers, God Speaks to Us in Numbers

Based on electro-magnetic vibrations of the letters and numbers in your name and birthdate. This is often used along with my other abilities to uncover hidden talents as well as obstacles, determine the RIGHT TIMING for any situation.

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